Volunteer Committees

To volunteer with NGHIMA you must be a NGHIMA member. Not a Member? - join now.

NGHIMA has the following committees:

  • Registration and Set up - This committee arrives early to all the meetings and helps the Vice-President set up the meeting and then assists the Treasurer in registering members and walk-ins as they arrive.
  • Webinar - This committee consists of a Lead member and several other volunteers. They set up and monitor the webinar.
  • Social Media (Facebook) - One volunteer receives pictures from the photographer(s) and keeps our Facebook page updated.
  • Photographer - We would like at least two volunteers to take pictures of the meetings on their cell phones. At least one photographer must attend every meeting.
  • Student Liaison - This committee will consist of a Lead member and several volunteers. They will be tasked with communicating with our growing student population, including updating the "Student Connection" page on the website. Other ideas to be considered are a Student Group on the website and a Student Academy meeting for first time job seekers.
  • Membership - This committee will be lead by a Team Leader. Committee members will have various roles within the Member Clicks back office. The membership role is to keep the member database up-to-date, create various forms and articles, generate e-mails, and to interact with the Website Article Research group to upload educational material to the website. 
  • Website article research - This team with follow various HIM reference sources and provides interesting educational content and industry news to the Membership Committee.
  • Technology - This committee will follow trends in HIM technology and report same to the Membership Committee. Also, this committee will make recommendations on how to improve our member experience from a technology viewpoint.
  • Nominating Committee - Lead by the Past-President, this committees recruits members to run for office, and encourages nominations for the NGHIMA Awards.

If you are interested in becoming a NGHIMA Volunteer go to our Volunteer Committees form.