Student Connection

STUDENTS - we want to hear from you. Email your questions, thoughts and ideas to our Student Hotline 24/7/365.

The North Georgia Health Information Management Association (NGHIMA) believes that it is important to connect with our students, they are the future of this organization and they play a vital role in our continued success as an organization as we rapidly approach the future in the Health Information Management profession.

Our students in the State of Georgia mirror the disparate backgrounds and education paths of students all over the world who are enrolled in health information management programs. The NGHIMA Board of Directors and Committee Chairs collaborate with the Georgia Health Information Management Association (GHIMA) to include our students in our strategic goals, resource development, and outreach as we offer opportunities to connect students with other HIM professionals and the HIM workforce. This year we are collaborating to bring forward the NGHIMA–GHIMA Student Academy 2019.

See our student resources area below to help build your knowledge in various areas related to career path development and preparation. 


•   JOBS:

•   The Muse-

•   Indeed-

•   INTERNSHIPS, COMMUNICATION, and PROJECT/WRITING CENTERS: (Providing internships after college, giving an area to work on assignments and complete projects; providing an area for students to communicate and discuss issues with professors)

•    WOMEN/MEN:(Providing stronger safety and resources centers)

•   UPGRADED TECHNOLOGY (To accommodate new work and make things easier for individual with disabilities):

•   ORGANIZATIONS: (Local public programs to strengthen degrees and arts on campus)

•   SERVICES/AREAS for INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: (To help International students adjust to U.S. college life and make changes)

•   DIVERSITY& COMMUNITY: (Intended to promote variety within the school; provide and increase the feeling of caring within groups)

•   STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS: (Groups of students with similar characteristics; groups provided opportunities, goals, support, education in a social environment; education is given to members and social students.)

•   TUTORS: ( Provided by students, professors and peers or mentors)