Potential for NGHIMA Growth

NGHIMA service area by countyThe illustration to the left shows all the counties that make up the NGHIMA service area. As of March 1, 2018 there were 2,093 members of GHIMA (out of a total 3,182 GHIMA members) that live in the NGHIMA service area. On a percentage basis, 65.8% of GHIMA members live in the NGHIMA service area.

Yet, as of February 25, 2018, there were only 236 paid NGHIMA members. While that number is up substantially from previous years, it is still only 11% of all GHIMA members that live in the NGHIMA service area.

So you see there is great potential to grow our NGHIMA membership. Why don't more GHIMA members join NGHIMA you ask?

First, there is much confusion about member status in AHIMA, GHIMA and NGHIMA. While AHIMA also pays your GHIMA dues, NGHIMA receives no funds from AHIMA. NGHIMA, while tightly affiliated with GHIMA, is a separate entity from GHIMA. So even though you are an AHIMA and GHIMA member, you are not automatically a NGHIMA member.

Second, there is a strong financial reason to join NGHIMA. If you are a NGHIMA member at a cost of $60 per year, and you attend all 4 yearly NGHIMA meetings, you will receive 14 CEUs. This would cost you well over $1,400 versus the $60 NGHIMA membership cost.

Now that is a real reason to join NGHIMA. So what are you waiting for, join NGHIMA now.