NGHIMA Quarterly Meeting, 3/15/2019

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Don't miss this chance to earn 3 CEUs for FREE. You would pay way more than $500 to earn these elsewhere. We have 3 great speakers and 3 great topics:

  • DeLeasa Brown, MHA, RHIA, HIM Leader Topic: Management/Leadership/Mentoring in HIM
  • Kay Merriweather, Healthcare Auditor Topic: Being An Auditor
  • Bud Zuborowski, Healthcare Executive Topic: Blockchain in Healthcare and Strategy Execution

Besides these great speakers, this meeting will offer an opportunity for you to meet and network with our new Corporate Partners. Talk to their representatives to learn about their products and services. And maybe you can network yourself into a new job opportunity. Our Corporate Partners to date are:

  • Alliance HIM
  • HIM Quality Solutions
  • MRO Corporation
  • Reimbursement Management Consultants, Inc. (RMC)
  • HIM Cloud
  • Verisma
  • DeVry University

So, come for the speakers, the Corporate Partners, the 3 CEUs, and the great networking opportunities available at all our meetings. Come join us and welcome!

Despite the great speakers, the chance to meet our corporate partners, talking to hiring managers, and the networking, if you still can’t make the meeting in-person we will be offering a webinar.


Don't think these meetings are not for you! Even though you don't need CEUs at this moment you still need to come. Start the networking process early so you jump start your job search at the appropriate time. We recently had one student attend a meeting - she spoke with a recruiter in a local HIT company and had a job several days later. 

And now some housekeeping

Please note that online registration closes on Tuesday 3/12/2019. After that, only walk-in registrations will be accepted at the meeting. Walk In registrations will incur an additional fee. Please also note that the morning of the meeting the Board is busy getting ready for the start of the meeting and will not be checking email.

Once you select either in-person or webinar attendance, please try to stick to that method. Switching at the last-minute causes confusion at registration and when preparing CEU lists.

There is some confusion between GHIMA, the state level association, and NGHIMA, the North regional chapter of GHIMA. Membership in AHIMA and GHIMA does not automatically enroll you in NGHIMA. NGHIMA has yearly member dues so please make sure your dues are renewed effective July 1, 2018 for the 2018-2019 fiscal year. Unfortunately, you will not receive your CEUs unless you are current with your NGHIMA member dues. Alternatively, you may register as a “Non-Member” and pay the relevant fee to receive your CEUs.

Webinar participants

Use of cell phones to access the webinar

We strongly recommend that you NOT use cell phones to access the webinar. First, your educational experience will be limited as it is very hard to watch the slides that are being presented. Second, you may not be able to log in correctly using a cell phone, risking receiving your CEUs.

Webinar quality

Webinar participants can help significantly with the webinar recording quality. We have posted a Webinar Etiquette handout for those attending the webinar to read.

Logging in to the webinar

It is vitally important that you see your name in the list of webinar participants once you log in. If not, you are shown as a “call-in user”. Since we don’t know who you are you will not receive your CEUs for the meeting. We have posted a WebEx Connection Process and video to help you properly log in. 

Webinar Access Instructions

Access instructions will be provided in a separate email several days before the meeting.

For technical support with webinar access on the morning of the event, please contact Jonathan McRae at [email protected]. This email address is not monitored before or after each meeting.

See you there!

We'll see all of you on March 15, 2019 for education, fellowship, and networking. What could be finer!

Alan Soskel, RHIA
Past President, NGHIMA

Meeting date and time

March 15, 2019
8:00 AM to 1:30 PM




Only individuals who have paid their NGHIMA member dues for fiscal year 2018-2019, valid from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019, can register as a MEMBER. Paying your AHIMA dues does not include your NGHIMA member dues.

The term “Member” below refers to NGHIMA membership only, not GHIMA and AHIMA membership.

NOTE: In an effort to shorten registration lines, there is now an additional fee of $5 for Walk In Member registrants and $10 for Walk In Non Member registrants.Registration for the webinar closes on 3/12 and webinar registrations will not be accepted after that date.

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In Person Pricing:

  • Member, Active: FREE
  • Member, Student: FREE
  • Non Member: $25
  • Walk In Member: $5
  • Walk In Non-Member: $35

Webinar Pricing:

  • Webinar – Member, Active: FREE
  • Webinar – Member, Student: FREE
  • Webinar – Non Member: $25


Online registration will close at 11:59 PM ET March 12, 2019.

When you register online, you will have two options to pay:

  1. PAY NOW online with a credit card (AMEX, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover)
  2. PAY LATER in which case we will email you an invoice and you can pay later by check or credit card, net 15 day terms. If you choose this option please pay this invoice before attending the meeting or bring your check or credit card with you to the meeting. The mailing address will be on the invoice. Make your check payable to NGHIMA and include the invoice number with the check. Note that you will not receive your CEUs until after you have paid in full.
Register Now (Registration is not yet open)