Benefits of Membership

You may ask, “I am a member of GHIMA, so what benefits am I missing out on by not being a member of the NGHIMA region?”

GHIMA is split into 3 regions: North, East and West. Members of GHIMA are not automatically members of the region that you live in. The North region is by far the largest of the three regions, with 65% of GHIMA members living in the North region, NGHIMA.

Many of the benefits of GHIMA membership are derived from becoming a member of NGHIMA as well:

  • GHIMA has only one meeting per year, which can be located anywhere in the state. NGHIMA, on the other hand, has four (4) free educational meetings from which you earn 14 CEUs (a minimum value of $1400).
  • The networking is stronger because the members you meet are from the North region, and you get to meet them more frequently.
  • Since our meetings are more local, it is easier for you to attend and benefit from networking with your peers and hiring managers.
  • With our growing number of corporate partners that attend our meetings, you have the opportunity to sit down face-to-face with healthcare vendors.
  • New, sometimes unannounced, job postings are presented at the meetings. You are able to meet the person announcing the job, shake their hand, and have an impromptu job interview.
  • You get to visit other healthcare providers in the area and network with their staff.
  • Of course, if you can't make a meeting or two in-person, we have live webinars for each meeting.
  • Participating in local NGHIMA committees builds your leadership skills and your name recognition regionally. 
  • Eligibility to vote in NGHIMA elections
  • The capability to hold a NGHIMA office
  • Eligibility to serve on NGHIMA committees
  • Eligibility to apply for NGHIMA scholarships
  • Access to the members-only portal of the NGHIMA website with access to HIM professionals through a membership directory

Explanation of member types:

ACTIVE - you are currently employed in the field. $60 for one year membership; $100 for two years.

CORPORATE - organization that can send one employee to meetings. $100 for one year membership.

STUDENT - to be eligible for the discounted student membership rate a student cannot hold an AHIMA credential and must be currently enrolled in a formal certificate or degree granting program directly relevant to AHIMA’s purpose, including, but not limited to, CAHIIM accredited or ACCP approved coding programs. A student may retain this type of membership until graduation from that program, or for a maximum of four years, or until registering for an AHIMA certification examination. $25 for one year membership.

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