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The primary purpose of NGHIMA as a member association is to commit to excellence in the management of health information, for the benefit of patients and providers. NGHIMA is also committed to develop and strengthen manpower and appropriately represent and market professional expertise to the public; to provide a commitment to members’ professional growth and development; to gather and disseminate information on legislative, regulatory, and government requirements which impact the effective and efficient management of health information; and to provide education to members and stimulate interest in the health information profession. Its mission is to lead the health informatics and information management community to advance professional practice and standards in the North Georgia Region.

MEMBERSHIP FACTS (as of 7/8/2017):

The North Georgia region contains the largest number of GHIMA members.

  • 66.1% of GHIMA members live in the North Georgia region.
  • Of the 2186 GHIMA members, 1444 of them live in the North Georgia region.

NGHIMA Member Types:

  • Active members 73.1%
  • Student members 26.5%
  • Current Paid Members 286

The percentage of GHIMA members who live in the North Georgia region and are also NGHIMA members is 20%. Therefore there is exceptional potential for NGHIMA member growth.

MEMBERSHIP PROFILE (as of 7/8/2017):

  • Over 16% of our members are Managers, Directors and Vice-Presidents
  • Another 22% of our members are involved with coding, compliance, CDI and data analysis
  • Consultants make up 12% of our members

We conduct 3 quarterly Education Meetings and an Annual Business Meeting. Our typical quarterly meeting features 3 speakers and draws 80-100 members with another 20-30 on the webinar. Our Annual Business Meeting features 5 speakers and draws 100-120 members with 20-30 on the webinar.

NGHIMA Job Types:

HIM Job Types



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Traditionally, support for NGHIMA meetings has come from partners and members who provide meeting sites and financial support. As NGHIMA has expanded, there is a tremendous need for host sites and corporate partners. Hosting a meeting or partnering with NGHIMA offers excellent exposure and benefits including brand exposure, media placement and access to health information professionals.

Corporate Partner - $500

Name and logo placement on all materials related to events

  • Agendas for all 4 meetings
  • Frequent email blasts
  • Logo on Corporate Partner Thank You page in all meeting slide decks
  • $500 value

Two corporate staff may attend meetings at no charge

  • $75 value

Table at back of room at all meetings (limited space available)

  • may pass out promo materials
  • $200 value

Rotating Logo/Link on NGHIMA web pages

  • $200 value

Corporate write-up with logo/link on stand-alone Corporate Partner page on NGHIMA website

  • $400 value

Free ad in three NGHIMA Monthly newsletters

  • $300 value

Total Corporate Partner Value $1,675

Corporate Host Site – FREE when you host one of our meetings

Free Corporate Partner status

  • $500 value

All the benefits of a Corporate Partner Level listed above

  • $1675 value

Five members may attend hosted meeting at no charge

  • Up to $250 value

Total Corporate Host Site Value $2,425

Corporate Contributor - $250

Name and logo placement on all materials for one meeting

  • Agenda
  • Frequent email blasts
  • Logo on Corporate Partner Thank You page in meeting slide deck
  • $200 value

Rotating Logo/Link on NGHIMA web pages

  • $200 value

Free ad in one NGHIMA Monthly newsletter

  • $100 value

Total Corporate Contributor Value $500

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