Outgoing President's Message

Neisa Jenkins, EdD, RHIAAs I conclude this incredible chapter in my life as President of NGHIMA, my thoughts are about all of the leaders who have paved the way for this organization and its many members over the years since inception. Thank you for all of the hard work and dedication that you have put into building this organization. This year has been one of the more challenging years in that we are experiencing significant changes at our parent organization, The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), and other affiliate organizations.

These changes have a direct impact on us as an organization and as professionals striving to co-exist in the healthcare industry inundated by technology. I must admit that I have also incurred personal changes that will impact me for the rest of my life. I believe that all change works for our benefit, whether we see it now or later. We have to find the positive in every situation so that we can grow and move forward. This method of growth enables us to help others and share knowledge. Over the last few weeks, I have taken several calls from people who want to know about the recent changes in our profession. I hope that I have encouraged and motivated others to stay the course and share your thoughts and opinions, whether you agree or disagree; know that your voice matters.

As leaders, we have to be prepared to listen and learn from others. We have to provide guidance and direction even when it does not feel right or is unfavorable. Leaders must respond rather than reacting to situations (Johns, 2017). Leaders are not only those who occupy leadership roles or titles but all of us who lead from right where we are daily and minute by minute.

I want to thank the members and leaders of NGHIMA for the opportunity to lead. I hope that I have completed this task as a transformative leader who is more self-aware, more mindful of others, more socially aware, more confident, and better at managing personal and professional relationships. I encourage all members and leaders to look forward not backward, seize every opportunity that presents itself to move this organization and the HIM profession forward.

Forever grateful,

Neisa Jenkins, EdD, RHIA, FAHIMA
Past President, NGHIMA (2018-2019)